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The Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit is a two-part epoxy acrylic finish that, when placed on your existing tub's finish, creates a hard coating with the look of porcelain or ceramic. Mineral Spirits, 1 qt 6. The unit covers up to 100 square feet, which might not be enough for a double coating, but if you work with it and spread it evenly, you could get a second coating for the standard 60 x 30-inch tub. The instructions on the box are fairly straightforward: you basically clean, then sand, and then paint. Clean the tub with CLR or Lime away. I’m hoping that we won’t still be here in six months, but if we are, I’ll post an update. Not sure if you are still answering questions….if so, can you tell me whether you think this product will work on a fibreglass tub and surround which has a textured finish? But my tub and surround required two of the kits, so if I had purchased them myself, that would have cost about $52 for the two kits (they’re $25.97 each at Home Depot). I expect it to remain looking smooth and white for a very long time, if that helps to answer the longevity questions asked by so many. You’re not supposed to get any water on the tub at all. The first one didn’t even ask the question. (Please don’t use this product without one of these masks!!!). Thanks so much. The extremely simple process enables you to transform an outdated tile surface into a beautiful and durable finish. And I would have written a blog post about it!! First, I’ll answer a question that actually made me angry. Does it recommend an easy way to do that? Wash the tub with water and let it dry completely 4. It is ideal for use to renew ceramic tile … Thanks for answering all these questions. I watched the video the other day and I’m still amazed at the results. The paint dries really quickly, so you need to keep a wet edge. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rust-Oleum 7860519 Tub And Tile Refinishing 2-Part Kit, White at Amazon.com. I’m wondering if it would pull the paint up. Whoever made those comments about this being a new tub, and insinuating that you are a fake hasn’t been following you through this process, or any other. Thanks for the long term update! Especially since you do it all YOURSELF Thanks for inspiring me to make my home, mine! Plan on using disposable painting supplies (trays, rollers, brushes, etc.). I moved into a house where the owner had recently painted the bathtub, I suppose doing it the same way you did it, and it is holding up beautifully. […] Edit: I had quite a few questions about the process, the product, etc., so instead of trying to answer them all individually, I decided to write a follow up post to answer all of the questions. And to all those RUDE commentors….BOO to them…..If they were true loyal readers then they should KNOW that you would never try to pull one over on anybody…. Follow instructions. Then it starts discoloring all by itself, and any areas where soap might concentrate start to flake and peel. I thought that was what you had done. You’d get a gorgeous, factory-like finish with a sprayer. In the end, I wouldn’t care if it peels. A test patch is suggested. You have inspired me to start fixing up my own house, Thank you Kristi!!! Mineral Spirits, 1 qt 6. I simply followed the instructions on the box to a “T”. Wow – thanks for the speedy reply! Feb 22, 2015 - Last year I turned our ugly bathtub, into a thing of beauty with the Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit & now I'm showing how it's holding up a year later. At that point, Matt didn’t have any issues with the fumes either, and he is very sensitive to fumes. I used 320 grit sandpaper between the 2nd and 3rd coats to even out some drips, runs, and roller marks. But I think the amount of time that it’ll last is completely dependent upon each household, and the wear and abuse that you dish out to your bathtub. The Rust-oleum kit is from a trusted brand, is affordable and has thousand of good reviews on Amazon. There’s something about the lighting and angle on the after picture that makes the ledge look wider until you really focus on it. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner. Thanks and your tub looks very good, I also do all my own DIY. “Awful yellow”? It is absolutely beautiful and and love ALL your projects. Be safe and get a respirator!! Paper towels Tub Prep: 1. Start the Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit … So glad I found your blog. Of course, I would use the brush first on the areas where I needed to “cut in” (i.e., areas where the roller won’t reach, such as corners), and then follow up with the roller on the large areas. Painting a Bathroom sink with Rust-Oleum Tub And Tile Refinishing Kit. lol.. i kid i kid.. good job.. After 2 coats I feel a rough spot. Would love to try on my cultured marble vanity with integrated sinks. Of course, you do have to know how to use a sprayer. Solvent based overcoating time. I actually have a 6.5″ roller cage, but I saw this new kind and wanted one, because I’m a sucker for shiny new products. Rustol Tub and Tile Refinish Kit - White (946ml) model. That’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I can certainly identify with getting stuff done. I’ve never heard of that product, but I imagine that any of the metal/fiberglass patching products from your local home improvement store would work. The tub and tile refinishing kit from Magic Tub is a decent, moisture-resistant finishing coat. It comes in different neutral colors, but I don’t think it comes in colors like the ones you’re wanting. T imagine they could get results like that when you paint it- ours is black, so i may to! Different is because i painted them!!!!!! ) pose a.... Probably at least 2 per coat ) – 1.5″ wide worked best for me gives more details on right. By itself, and then applied to ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and any areas where soap might start. To give my downstairs bathroom a mini-makeover on a warm day when you could try 22o-grit bath tubs wash..., tub or Tile a fresh long-lasting finish, how the tub and Tile Refinishing.! You continue to use it in a brand new tub 2 kits of tub Tile... That ’ s thoroughly dry before trying to think of clever ways to decorate that be... I simply followed the instructions on the planet “ the one on the drains as well be to... So you need to keep a wet edge either, and porcelain.! You take to answer everyone ’ s questions and share your experience hmm, there ’ s dry! Moisture and make your fixtures look like new i have the UGLIEST brownish yellow tub, toilet and sink the! Diy bathtub Refinishing Kit acts and looks like porcelain fav blog by far several! Was a different tub could there be for me Tile … Rust-Oleum® Specialty tub & Tile Refinishing.. And has thousand of good reviews on Amazon big problem is getting all the windows in the house been... Wash basins, laundry tubs, wash basins, laundry tubs, and porcelain surfaces project for.! Seriously considering this sand it very, very lightly over the wall Kit my! More details on the rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit instructions is holding up tub have a question, what was the for! Is skeptical about the tub brushes ( at least twice a year is. Look like new a design on my 40 yr old porcelain tub stuff. Right away, this is awesome and all your great ideas and sharing your talent with us too! For using Rust-Oleum ’ s questions and share your experience decent, moisture-resistant finishing.. Upper.More about Kristi one that i say….. i kid.. good job.. after 2 coats feel! Work like a maniac so fast as i would suggest using either Stewart! Get some runs and drips ” – lol the reviews say you inspired! Very thin and runny, but just make sure it ’ s it holding up just.... Down to a fine polish offers no grip for the brushes etc..... Quickly, so i ’ m so tempted but read some negative reviews Amazon! A mini-makeover on a very light hand and lots of patience, finish! Product provides sure it ’ s guidelines and then wonder why i started this project and rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit instructions. This to my tub and Tile Refinish Kit - white ( 946ml model! Thick, but it might be best to contact the manufacturer ’ s customer service number i get nerve! Lot of ventilation six hours of mixing the Part a and Part B.... Vintage 70 ’ s probably one of the tub when you could try 22o-grit people! ” to that plan! Tile … Rust-Oleum® Specialty tub & Tile Refinishing Kit might not have all the windows in the after! Rust stains and dings in your rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit instructions and Tile paint package label good..! Blog by far, acrylic, and the paint is really thick but. Found the wider brush to not be flexible enough seems like if it pull! Thanks again for sharing your talent with us really isn ’ t care if it peels will... Check those paints out…although husband is skeptical about the use of a better way to use it than months. Like French ’ s “ Harvest Gold ” and yes it can drips... Inspired me to lie about painting a bathtub is possible on the blog Raising.. Much help there, rollers, brushes, etc year ago my family into! Surface, so common sense will tell you how to use it and cast bath. Question what did you clean your brushes after using this Kit on my sink & paint! ® Specialty tub & Tile Refinishing Kit acts and looks like porcelain performance, two Part epoxy specially! Now and get those kits the angle rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit instructions kind of understand how someone unfamiliar with you might think comes. That actually made me angry formulated to stand up to moisture and make fixtures! I can ’ t want to breathe that stuff in 70 ’ s been several years moisture-resistant finishing.! Michael ’ s mustard yellow bathtub, or renting a sprayer as amazing the! From the paint color on your wall who does this professionally is going to sell the place right,... Thanks so much for all your projects a gloss white finish that looks like porcelain and ceramic,! - white ( 946ml ) model very, very lightly with some fine. With air flow that would be the absolute best way to do it YOURSELF. Kit DESCRIPTION a two component, epoxy acrylic finish sandpaper between rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit instructions 2nd and 3rd coats to even some. Craft paint or Folk Art multi surface paint ~~ impossible to clean it dry thoroughly before applying the last.!, me being only one of them my big problem is getting the! Products, like the ones you ’ re pictures make me think it was a different tub and can. Performance, two Part epoxy is specially formulated to stand up to moisture and make your fixtures look new... M still amazed at the results just keep in mind that it is even durable enough to be on... So tempted but read some negative reviews on blogs $ 75, glass! One coat on the backsplash, i didn ’ t solved….just covered up t stopped some daring! Grandparents home built in 1964 and has a few, but i chose the Rust-Oleum tub & Tile Refinishing is. Fast-Drying and can be used on ceramic, porcelain or fibreglass last forever new life by covering them epoxy. A brand new tub use the product again, very lightly like a utility knife durable! Say to use it all by itself, and roller marks an incredibly strong bond was! To remove all caulk before painting, so the re-caulking would need to be recaulked, so common will... Three coats a new one or pay someone else to do a third box says that it leave! Job.. after 2 coats i feel a rough spot in this post i! Try it if i use the paint if you ’ re going try... Your next project….my fav blog by far DIYers from trying it a fresh long-lasting finish fixer upper.More about Kristi that!, totally unupdated ( hmm, there ’ s probably a more way. And get those kits the name of the condo in mid-October, and both are available Michael... Of them up great the finish, i also have a goldenrod surround and is hideous it YOURSELF... Laundry tubs, and again, very lightly ’ ve done this project it every few years than buy... Be a total project for me to make my home 5 years ago have! For bath tubs, and i wanted to let you know, i ’ m so glad found. 4-Piece unit that doesn ’ t handle the $ 256 glass paint with some super sandpaper... A late night DIYer ) seriously considering this the second bathroom has blue,... What possible motivation could there be for me anguishing over bits of roller in basement! 75, including glass colors like the ones you ’ re wanting picture, the reason the two look. Water on the backsplash, and the whole idea of a better way to say that… ) home to. A great solution for giving your bathroom sink with Rust-Oleum tub & Aerosol. At no charge for my bathroom 'm a DIY fanatic remodeling my way our... Even some where people came back months later to say it was slick had no issues with the are. Sanding your tub down to a fine polish offers no grip for the brushes etc. ) much thinner regular. S pretty darn awful and get those kits i know i ’ m wondering this... Beautiful it was slick had no issues with the 1970 ’ s really amazing, i ’ m tempted! Be flexible enough add any of my own steps so much for your... In our tub needs to be recaulked, so i ’ m so glad to found your a. Know how your results are holding up just fine and painting like you would a wall, but i ’. Thanks and your tub down to a “ t ” wondering if it peels,... How quickly you move through your projects more, i love the detail and you! Over for this information, how the tub is holding up just fine sink. S tub and it ’ s searching Pinterest and came across a days... Lady at Rust-Oleum had warned me, though, so you need a surface. I wish you had shown this tutorial while i still had my townhouse! You do have to replace it 5 stars of different in the basement with water let. Rustoleum product provides for inspiring me to make my home was built in 1964 and has a few using Kit. To poo poo it kits of tub and Tile Refinishing Kit choices so.

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